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 Thomas Milic: Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Ice Hockey, Canada, Statistics, Height, Position, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Weight, Number, Teams, Clubs, Girlfriend, Birthday, Zodiac: Thomas Milic serves as a Canadian goaltender in the realm of ice hockey, having not been selected by the WHL in the past. However, his recent outstanding performance in the 2023 World Junior Series has garnered widespread attention. In a match against the USA, the undrafted hockey player exhibited remarkable skill with a total of 43 saves, leading Canada to victory in the semifinals. Subsequently, he gained significant media coverage, making headlines in newspapers. For further insights into his life and personal details, continue reading this article.

Thomas Milic was born on April 14, 2003, making him 19 years old, with his 20th birthday approaching on April 14, 2023. Hailing from New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, Thomas's zodiac sign is Aries. His parents, Joe Milic and Stephanie Milic, reside in the same city, with Joe being the Vice President of a Wealth Management Group in Vancouver. Stephanie is a dedicated housewife, caring for their children, including Thomas's younger sister, Kirsten. The Milic family currently resides in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Thomas completed his education at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School and chose to focus on his passion for sports rather than pursuing higher studies.

Thomas Milic, a skilled ice hockey athlete, was selected as the 51st overall pick by the WHL Team Seattle Thunderbirds in the 2018 Bantam Draft. Since joining the team in 2020, he has consistently played with them for four seasons, maintaining an impressive average save rate of 0.92 percent. In the 2021–2022 season, he participated in 47 games with a 2.44 GAA and 0.912 SV%.

Beyond his Thunderbirds tenure, Milic showcased his talent with Burnaby Winter Club U15 Prep in 2017–2018 and later progressed to Burnaby Winter Club U18 Prep in 2018–2019 and 2019–2020. During the 2020–2021 season, he contributed to the Canada U18 team, playing in two games. In the ongoing 2022-2023 season, he has made appearances in four games for the Canada U20 Team.

Notably, during the 2023 World Juniors, Milic played a pivotal role for Team Canada as their goalkeeper. Despite an initial lack of clarity on the goalie situation, Milic's standout performance in the semi-final against the USA, with 43 saves, secured Canada's 2-goal lead. His remarkable saves on the power play showcased his impressive footwork and speed. Milic wears jersey number 1 for the Canadian Team World Junior Series 2023 and number 18 for his club, the Seattle Thunderbirds.

Thomas Milic, the promising goaltender in ice hockey known for his exceptional pressure-handling skills and speed, has already made a name for himself in the sport. Despite his handsome appearance drawing considerable female attention, Milic is currently not involved in a romantic relationship. Instead, he is dedicated to advancing his career in the field.

In terms of physical attributes, Milic stands at a height of 6 feet (1.83 meters or 183 centimeters) and weighs 79 kg (174 lbs). With striking black eyes and hair, he emanates charm at his young age. Hailing from Canada, Milic proudly holds Canadian nationality and represents his country in the sport. While his exact net worth remains uncertain due to his status as a rising star, his achievements on the ice have undoubtedly contributed to his growing success.

For a comprehensive overview of Thomas Milic's life, including details about his age, birthday, birthplace, zodiac sign, nationality, ethnicity, religion, caste, address, parents, siblings, relationship status, and more, refer to his full biography.

Thomas Milic Information Summary
Name: Thomas Milic
Position: Goaltender
Gender: male
Profession: Professional Ice Hockey Player
Height: 183cm (1.83m) or 6ft
Weight: 79kg (174 lbs)
Eye Color: Black; Hair Color: Black
Date of Birth: April 14, 2003 (Age: 19 as of 2022)
Birthplace: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Zodiac Sign: Aries | Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: New Westminster, British Columbia
School: Dr. Charles Best Secondary School
Education: High School Graduate
Religion: Christianity; Ethnicity: Mixed
Address: Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
- Marital Status: Unmarried | Sexuality: Straight
Parents: Joe Milic (father), Stephanie Milic (mother).
Siblings: Kirsten Milic
Net Worth: Unpredictable
Social media: Instagram, Facebook

Notable Information:
played for Canada in the 2023 World Juniors.
Formerly part of the Canada U18 team in 2020–2021.
not drafted in the NHL but associated with an NHL team.
strongstrong support from his father and family in his career.

FAQs on Milic:
1. Age: Currently 19, turning 20.
2. Relationship Status: Single.
3. Nationality: Canadian.
4. Playing Position: Goaltender.

Meet Thomas Milic's father, Joe Milic, a seasoned financier with over 25 years of expertise in banking and financial firms. Currently serving as a portfolio manager and vice president at National Bank Financial, Joe aids clients in achieving their long-term financial objectives. Managing the Joe Milic Wealth Management Group, he specializes in portfolio management, financial and tax planning, estate planning, insurance, and banking solutions. With a solid knowledge base, Joe is a respected resource for his clients. He holds the position of Senior Wealth Advisor andand Portfolio Manager at National Bank Financial Wealth Management, having previously worked at HSBC Securities.

Thomas Milic's mother, Stephanie Milic, is a homemaker and her son's biggest supporter. While preferring to stay out of the limelight, she passionately cheers for Thomas in his matches.

As for Thomas's sister, Kristen, she recently graduated with a BBA from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. Kristen, a certified swim coach, has coached children at Brent Hayden Swim Camps and the Special Olympics. Additionally, she has diverse experience with companies such as Spare, Nyx, and National Bank Financialand is the founder of Lifesaver and Labs Batch 8.

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