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Kerstin Yasmijn Casparij, born on August 19, 2000, stands as a distinguished Dutch professional footballer, showcasing her prowess as both a defender and midfielder. Currently, she contributes her exceptional skills to the Women's Super League team, Manchester City, while also representing the Netherlands national team. This remarkable athlete's dynamic abilities on the field have garnered recognition and solidified her presence in the football world.

Kerstin Yasmijn Casparij is a talented football player born on August 19, 2000, in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands. With a versatile skill set, she excels as both a defender and midfielder. Kerstin's journey in professional football began with Heerenveen from 2015 to 2017, where she showcased her prowess in 35 appearances, scoring one goal.

Her commitment to the sport led her to VV Alkmaar in 2017–2018, where she contributed significantly with 22 appearances and two goals. Returning to Heerenveen from 2018 to 2020, Kerstin continued to impress, amassing 34 appearances and netting six goals. In 2020, she embraced a new challenge with Twente, amassing 42 appearances and scoring four goals by 2022.

Kerstin's remarkable journey reached new heights when she joined Manchester City in 2022, donning the number 18 jersey and demonstrating her defensive prowess in 27 appearances. Her dedication to excellence extends beyond club play, as evidenced by her international career.

Representing the Netherlands at various levels, Kerstin's journey began with the U15 squad in 2015, accumulating four appearances. Progressing through the ranks, she showcased her skills with the U16 and U17 teams, scoring goals and contributing to their success. As she moved on to the U19 squad from 2017 to 2019, Kerstin's impact was undeniable, amassing 28 appearances and scoring nine goals.

Her journey continued with the U23 team from 2019 to 2021, showcasing her talent in six appearances. In 2021, she earned a spot on the senior Netherlands national team, accumulating 33 appearances. Kerstin's dedication, versatility, and consistent performance on both domestic and international stages make her a standout player.

Casparij initiated her professional journey in the Eredivisie with Heerenveen, marking her debut at the remarkable age of 15. Following a two-year stint, she briefly played for VV Alkmaar before rejoining Heerenveen for an additional two seasons. Demonstrating her commitment to growth and excellence, she ventured into Twente in 2020, further enriching her soccer experience. The pinnacle of her club career unfolded on July 26, 2022, as Casparij secured a significant three-year contract with the renowned Women's Super League powerhouse, Manchester City. This strategic move not only showcases her prowess on the field but also underlines her dedication to elevating her career to new heights.

Casparij has showcased her talent on the international stage, representing various Dutch youth teams across different age groups. Her journey culminated in a remarkable senior team debut on October 22, 2021, when she entered the game as an 83rd-minute substitute for Daniëlle van de Donk during an impressive 8–0 victory against Cyprus.

The significance of Casparij's contribution didn't go unnoticed, leading to her inclusion in the provisional squad for the prestigious 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup. This recognition not only highlights her individual prowess but also signifies her integral role in the national team's pursuit of excellence on the global stage. Casparij's trajectory in the international arena reflects her dedication, skill, and potential to make a significant impact in one of the most prestigious football tournaments.

In the latest update as of February 11, 2024, here are the comprehensive career statistics for the player across various clubs and international appearances:

**Club Career:**

2015-16 Eredivisie: 13 appearances, 0 goals
2016–17 Eredivisie: 22 Appearances, 1 Goal
Total: 35 appearances, 1 goal

*VV Alkmaar:*
2017–18 Eredivisie: 22 appearances, 2 goals, 0 National Cup
Total: 34 appearances, 6 goals

2018-19 Eredivisie: 23 appearances, 5 goals, 0 National Cup
2019-20 Eredivisie: 11 appearances, 1 goal, 0 National Cup
Total: 34 appearances, 6 goals

*FC Twente:*
2020–21 Eredivisie: 20 appearances, 3 goals, 1 National Cup
2021–22 Eredivisie: 22 appearances, 1 goal, 2 National Cup
Total: 42 appearances, 4 goals, 3 national cups

*Manchester City:*
2022–23 Women's Super League: 17 appearances, 0 goals, 2 national cups
2023–24 Women's Super League: 10 appearances, 0 goals, 2 national cups
Total: 27 appearances, 0 goals, 4 national cups

*Career Total:*
160 appearances, 13 goals, 7 national cups

**International Career:**

2021: 3 appearances, 0 goals
2022: 15 appearances, 0 goals
- 2023: 14 Appearances, 0 Goals
2024: 1 appearance, 0 goals
*Total: 33 appearances, 0 goals*

These statistics cover a range of competitions, including the Eredivisie, KNVB Women's Cup, Women's FA Cup, Eredivisie Cup, and FA WSL Cup. The player's consistent performance showcases their dedication and skill on both the domestic and international stages.

Achievements and Accolades

FC Twente has earned notable honors in recent seasons, showcasing their prowess in the football arena. In the Eredivisie seasons of 2020–21 and 2021–22, FC Twente demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, securing the coveted title in both instances. Additionally, the team clinched the Eredivisie Cup during the 2021–22 campaign, further solidifying their dominance on the field.

These remarkable achievements not only underscore FC Twente's commitment to excellence but also highlight their ability to consistently deliver outstanding performances. The back-to-back triumphs in the Eredivisie showcase the team's resilience and strategic prowess, positioning them as a formidable force in Dutch football.

The Eredivisie Cup victory in the 2021–22 season adds another layer to FC Twente's successful campaign, exemplifying their versatility and capability to excel in various competitions. The team's dedication to achieving greatness is evident in their consistent pursuit of excellence, both in domestic league play and cup competitions.

The honors attained by FC Twente serve as a testament to the collective efforts of the players, coaching staff, and the entire football organization. These accolades not only bring glory to the club but also contribute to its legacy in the football world. FC Twente's success in recent years reflects a winning mentality and a commitment to pushing boundaries, establishing them as a force to be reckoned with on the national football stage.

In conclusion, FC Twente's triumphs in the Eredivisie and the Eredivisie Cup underscore their standing as a powerhouse in Dutch football. These accomplishments not only celebrate the team's success but also contribute to the rich history and legacy of FC Twente in the realm of football excellence.

Kerstin Casparij, a skilled footballer hailing from the Netherlands, assumes the position of right back (RB) for Manchester City. Garnering attention in the FC 24 Player Ratings, Casparij boasts an overall rating of 76.

**FC 24 PLAYER RATINGS: Kerstin Casparij**

**Rank: 1523**
**Name: Kerstin Casparij**
**Nationality: Holland**
**Position: RB (Right Back)**
**Team: Manchester City**
**League: Barclays WSL**
**Age: 23**
**Height: 169cm (5'7 ft)**
**Weight: 57 kg/126 lbs**
**Preferred Foot: Right**
**Alternate Positions: RM, RWB**


**Pace: 76**
  **Acceleration: 76**
  **Sprint Speed: 76**

**Shooting: 56**
  **Positioning: 57**
  **Finishing: 63**
  **Shot Power: 57**
  **Long Shots: 45**
  **Volleys: 43**
  **Penalties: 47**

**Passing: 70**
  **Vision: 58**
  **Crossing: 75**
  **Free Kick Accuracy: 47**
  **Short Passing: 79**
  **Long Passing: 70**
  **Curve: 66**

**Dribbling: 73**
  **Agility: 74**
  **Balance: 68**
  **Reactions: 71**
  **Ball Control: 74**
  **Dribbling: 74**
**Composition: 60**

**Defending: 74**
  **Interceptions: 76**
Heading Accuracy: 59
  **Defensive Awareness: 73**
  **Standing Tackle: 79**
  **Sliding Tackle: 75**

**Physicality: 60**
  **Jumping: 69**
  **Stamina: 64**
  **Strength: 58**
  **Aggression: 60**

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