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Laura Madison Blindkilde Brown, born on September 9, 2003, is a distinguished English professional footballer renowned for her prowess as a midfielder. Currently, she contributes her exceptional skills to the Women's Super League powerhouse, Manchester City, while also representing the England U23 national team. With a promising career and remarkable talent, Laura Madison Blindkilde Brown stands out as a dynamic force in the world of women's football.

Laura Madison Blindkilde Brown, born on September 9, 2003, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, stands at a height of 1.55 meters (5 feet 1 inch). She excels as a midfielder and proudly wears the number 19 jersey for Manchester City, showcasing her talent on the field. Laura's journey started in her youth career with Birmingham City, laying the foundation for her remarkable achievements in the world of football. This profile highlights her personal and professional information, capturing the essence of her sporting prowess.

Blindkilde's journey in professional football began with Birmingham City's under-21 academy team, culminating in her senior debut against Manchester United on December 11, 2019, during a League Cup match. Transitioning to the FA Women's Super League, she made her mark on January 5, 2020, despite a 2–0 defeat to Arsenal.

In a pivotal move in June 2020, Blindkilde transferred to Aston Villa, initially showcasing her skills in the academy team. Her commitment to the club was solidified on September 9, 2021, when she signed her inaugural professional contract. Noteworthy was her decision to adopt her Danish middle name, "Blindkilde," on her shirt, a departure from her previous identification as "Brown," marking a significant shift for the 2021–22 season.

Blindkilde's standout performance did not go unnoticed, earning her the title of Aston Villa Women's Young Player of the Season at the close of the 2022–23 season. As her career continued to ascend, on January 31, 2024, it was officially revealed that Blindkilde had signed a three-and-a-half-year deal with WSL powerhouse Manchester City, marking a new chapter in her football journey.

Blindkilde, having represented England at the under-17 level, holds eligibility to play for Denmark through her Danish mother. Despite this, her preference lies solely on representing England on the international stage.

Reviewing her career statistics as of February 11, 2024, across various clubs and seasons:

Birmingham City (2019-20 Women's Super League): 1 appearance, 0 goals; no participation in the FA Cup.
Aston Villa (2020–21 Women's Super League): No appearances or goals recorded.
Aston Villa (2021–22 Women's Super League): 11 appearances, 0 goals; 1 FA Cup appearance with no goals.
Aston Villa (2022–23 Women's Super League): 21 appearances, 0 goals; 3 FA Cup appearances resulting in 1 goal.
Aston Villa (2023–24 Women's Super League): 9 appearances, 0 goals; 1 FA Cup appearance with no goals.
Manchester City (2023–24 Women's Super League): 1 appearance, 0 goals; no recorded FA Cup participation.

In total, Blindkilde has accumulated 41 appearances with no goals in league matches and 5 appearances with 1 goal in FA Cup competitions. Her dedication to representing England on the global stage is evident throughout her career.

Laura Blindkilde Brown, a distinguished professional footballer hailing from England, assumes the pivotal role of center midfielder (CM) for Aston Villa. Garnering attention for her exceptional on-field prowess, Laura Blindkilde Brown boasts an impressive overall rating of 73 in the FC 24 Player Ratings.

### Laura Blindkilde Brown
**Rank:** 2910
- **Player:** Laura Blindkilde Brown
**Country:** England
**Position:** CM
**Team:** Manchester City 

#### Overall Ratings
**Overall:** 73
**Pace (PAC):** 73
**Shooting (SHO):** 57
Passing (PAS): 70
**Dribbling (DRI):** 73
**Defending (DEF):** 61
**Physicality (PHY):** 54

#### Player Details
**Weak Foot:** High
**Skill Moves:** Medium
**Attack Work Rate:** High
**Defense Work Rate:** Medium
**Preferred Foot:** Right
**Age:** 20
**League:** Barclays WSL
**Team:** Aston Villa
**Height:** 162CM / 5'4"FT
**Weight:** 56KG / 123LBS
**Nation:** England
**Alternate Positions:** CAM

PlayStyles add depth to player assessments, moving beyond mere overall ratings to vividly portray on-pitch abilities that set athletes apart.

#### Performance Breakdown
**Acceleration:** 70
**Sprint Speed:** 75

**Positioning:** 75
**Finishing:** 55
**Shot Power:** 59
**Long Shots:** 56
**Volleys:** 50
**Penalties:** 57

**Vision:** 75
**Crossing:** 51
**Free Kick Accuracy:** 49
**Short Passing:** 79
**Long Passing:** 78
**Curve:** 52

**Agility:** 72
**Balance:** 79
**Reactions:** 70
**Ball Control:** 75
**Dribbling:** 73
**Composition:** 56

**Interceptions:** 59
Heading Accuracy: 54
**Defensive Awareness:** 58
**Standing Tackle:** 67
**Sliding Tackle:** 61

**Jumping:** 57
**Stamina:** 68
**Strength:** 48
**Aggression:** 51

Laura Blindkilde Brown's multifaceted skills manifest in her nuanced playing style, making her a standout presence in the Barclays WSL league. As we delve into the intricacies of her attributes, it becomes evident that her high attack work rate, combined with her adept defensive capabilities, contributes to her dynamic role on the field. With remarkable passing accuracy and agility, Laura's contributions extend beyond traditional metrics, defining her as a player of substance and skill.

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